keynote SPEAKERS

Nicole Sahin

Chief Executive Officer, Globalization Partners

Boston-based Globalization Partners is currently ranked as the #1 Fastest Growing Women-Led Company in America by Inc. Magazine, and recently won Ivy Exec’s award as the Top Women-led Business in America to work for in 2017 based on surveys to its team. Nicole's talk is "Building a Unicorn: Fireside Chat with CEO of the #1 Female Fastest-Growing Private Company in America".

Globalization Partners has some well-known names on it’s executive team, including Nicole Sahin (CEO), Debbie Millin (COO), and Nancy Cremins (GC). How is it possible to build a scalable, fast-growth company spanning 150+countries while also building an award-winning culture? Join us to find out.

Patti Fletcher.png

Dr. Patti Fletcher

CEO, PSD Network LLC

Dr. Fletcher is a voice of change inside global tech firm SAP, speaking and writing about gender in leadership and technology. Dr. Fletcher sits on the board of Astia, an international non-profit supporting women-led, high-growth startups, and is part of Astia Angels’ investing arm. She is professionally affiliated with the Babson College-based business accelerator Women Innovating Now (WIN Lab) as well as The Boston Club, focused on increasing women-held board seats on companies in Massachusetts. She is the founder of PSDNetwork LLC, a consultancy advising women executives (poised to become CEOs or board members) as well as corporations seeking to address women's access and equity.

Patti's book, hitting the shelves in January 2018, Disrupters - Success Strategies of Women Who Break the Mold has been called the “anti-Lean In”. Come hear a preview!




Maria is changing the way America eats.  As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Speaker she inspires audiences to prioritize their health and get excited to improve their eating habits.  She makes healthy living simple, through practical, actionable advice (delivered with a dose of humor).  Maria is the author of The Real Food Grocery Guide and specializes in improving health, weight, and skin through eating real food and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Maria Marlowe will present "Excuses Be Gone! How to Create Healthy Habits That Stick".

Liz ODonnell.jpg

Liz O'Donnell

Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur

Liz O’Donnell, a longtime marketing executive, is the author of Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman, which examines the impact of women’s personal lives on their careers and ways that business can support working women.  An award-winning blogger, she runs the website Working Daughter and is at work on her second book, a guide to caring for aging parents without losing your job, your marriage or your sanity. 

Liz is the co-founder of SheStarts, which supports the growing pipeline of women entrepreneurs in Boston through networking, coaching and events. Liz is a frequent speaker and consultant to women seeking to thrive and the organizations wanting to mobilize them. 

Stephanie Leydon

Feature reporter

Stephanie Leydon is a feature reporter contributing to all WGBH News platforms including the nightly news and public affairs television program Greater Boston, 89.7 FM Boston’s Local NPR and

Before coming to WGBH, Stephanie spent 16 years as a news reporter and anchor at television stations in Georgia, New Hampshire and Boston. Her work has been recognized with a regional Emmy award for spot news coverage; a Massachusetts Broadcasters award for a program on early childhood education; and multiple Emmy award nominations for hosting, feature reporting and a series on early onset Alzheimer’s.

Pre-Conference VIP Reception Hostess

Kelly Macfarland

Irresistible comedian

As an experienced stand up comedian, Kelly has an extensive and well-rounded resume including comedy clubs, theaters, colleges and several television appearances.

Kelly is currently touring clubs and colleges across the country and has entertained our US troops overseas.  Kelly headlined the 2009 Boston Women in Comedy Festival, was first runner up in the 2009 Boston Comedy Festival, voted Best of the Fest 2010 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, appeared in the Oddball Festival 2015 and performed on the Verizon Comedy Stage at Boston Calling 2016 and 2017 (coming soon). Kelly has also appeared on Stand Up in Stilettos on the TV Guide Channel, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and is the host of the web series, Fit or Fad for Scripps Network. Most recently, Kelly was part of the Top 100 Comedians of Last Comic Standing Season 9, appeared on AXS Gotham Comedy LIVE and won the professional category of the Ladies of Laughter 2016 competition.



drop the excuses blocking your health, energy, & creativity - The 5 Pillars of A Successful powerhouse

 PANEL DESCRIPTION:  This panel of #ExtraordinaryWomen will guide you through a discussion on how to identify, work around, and overcome the obstacles that try to get in the way of you living and leading your life with the most optimal health.  What would you accomplish if you had the energy and health you desire?


  • How to prioritize Self-love and not give up when faced with challenges
  • Unleash your inner power and supercharge your life
  • Optimize your energy, focus and health with the 5 pillars of health


"Entrepreneuring": Taking Control of Your Career at Any Stage

 PANEL DESCRIPTION: Whether you are a new grad, a mid-life career changer, or a senior professional, you CAN get yourself to where you want to go. "Entrepreneuring" doesn't just mean starting your own business -- it's being innovative in the way you think about your professional life and goals. Discover who you are, and what and whom you know... and acquire the confidence to go out of bounds and push your professional envelope. No jargon here, just thoughtful, practical advice from a panel of #ExtraordinaryWomen.


  • Looking honestly, and confidently, at the knowledge and expertise you already have
  • Identifying your resources, networks, and support systems
  • Taking one step forward, despite not knowing the final outcome
  • Using setbacks and mistakes to your advantage 
  • Recognizing when you’re stuck and developing strategies to get you back on track

are you being too guarded? making yourself vulnerable in both your professional & personal life

PANEL DESCRIPTION: What are you afraid of?  As women we have always struggled with vulnerability. What are the fears and barriers we experience, and what can we do to be more approachable, open and trusting? 


  • Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, it takes courage
  • Women should feel inspired and empowered to transform both their professional and personal lives
  • The ability to be authentic is the core of human connection

Hey Siri, Which Way Do I Go? Navigating & Choosing Your Unique Path

PANEL DESCRIPTION: This panel of professional women will share their stories, insights and practical strategies that will enable you to create your unique path.  After their stories, these #ExtraordinaryWomen will answer questions, and if time allows, attendees will participate in group mastermind sessions to help clarify your next steps.  


  • Power of Acceptance & Choice
  • Transferable Skills Sets
  • Trust the Requests
  • Trust your Qualifications

Parenting now; progress not perfection: A discussion on navigating motherhood from media to meals, and mayhem to mindfulness


Parenting is a personal thing. The goal of the panel is to help women determine what works best for them as parents and to give them tools to help them find their authentic parenting style.  These #ExtraordinaryWomen will address issues that apply to all women as parents and help them discover ways to parent with intention.


  • Finding yourself in parenting
  • Self awareness and compassion for self
  • Addressing behavioral issues for all children
  • Healthy boundaries for your family

Own Your Money, Own Your Worth

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Women are increasingly managing business and household finances, but may never have learned skills to maximize their worth.  From self-worth to net worth, learn how to value yourself and ask for what you deserve.   You will also learn how to recognize and overcome the emotional, social and financial roadblocks to succeeding financially and growing your wealth. 


  • How to value your own work to employers and customers
  • How to ask for what you are worth
  • How to manage and grow your wealth

#FromWhereIstand: Being Authentically Me in Business And Life

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Branding isn't just for business, it's part of our personal AND professional lives.  This panel of #ExtraordinaryWomen will describe how your story can be used to fuel your mission, highlighting the tools you can use to authentically connect with others, and share how to visually represent yourself with confidence.


  • How to define your story and your strategy
  • Using your story to fuel your mission
  • Leveraging social media for authentic connections to your brand
  • Using visuals for branding in everyday life
  • How to adapt to the evolution of your brand

Extraordinary Love & Relationships: The how to's for creating the extraordinary relationships you've wanted with yourself and others!

PANEL DESCRIPTION: Join these #ExtraordinaryWomen as they discuss love, relationships, dating, divorce and self-worth.  Come learn what is takes to create and actualize extraordinary relationships in your own life-starting with you!

KEY LEARNINGS & TAKE AWAYS: This presentation will have you leave with real world tools for understanding yourself and others as well as ways to surmount the obstacles that get in the way of creating the extraordinary relationships you want and deserve! 

Empowering Girls, Building Futures

PANEL DESCRIPTION: This panel of #ExtraordinaryWomen will share concreate strategies and insights about how to empower the girls in your life.  They will cover everything from how to help girls create a positive mindset and navigating social media to appreciating what their bodies can do instead of what size clothing they wear.  These girl experts will share their best practices in and out of classrooms, and from working with thousands of girls!  There will be a Q & A portion as well.


  • Powerful strategies for creating a positive mindset
  • Navigating complex "girl rules" of social media
  • How running and other physical activity build confidence
  • Supporting girls as they define what success looks like

Cutting through the bullsh*t: Move away from self-sabotage & step into your power


Do you ever set goals but just can't seem to accomplish them? Do you automatically place your dreams at the bottom of the "To Do" list?  Enough is enough!  This session is designed to remove the emotional blocks that are holding you back from success.  These #ExtraordinaryWomen will discuss the different types of self-sabotage that women often practice and how to combat them.  You'll walk away feeling empowered and ready to take on the world! 


  •  Align your thoughts with your vision of success
  • Remove energy “drainers” from your life
  • Fight back when “victim mentality” sets in
  • Celebrate progress and NOT perfection
  • Put yourself at the TOP of your “To Do” List