Our mission is to inspire, connect, motivate and move women through every stage along their path.   



The MetroWest Conference For Women, to be held on September 20, 2018 at the Sheraton Framingham, will provide an accessible and affordable opportunity for local women to make meaningful connections, share relevant perspectives, and learn from inspiring world-class speakers. There will be presentations and breakout sessions from 8:00am - 5:00pm with a pre-conference reception the evening of September 19th, giving attendees the opportunity to meet conference speakers.

Incorporated as a nonprofit in December of 2016, the organization has an all-volunteer Board of Directors with 28 women and one man committed to investing their time and resources for the success of the conference.  We have over 150 years of experience in the MetroWest region in non-profit, corporate, business and government/public industries.  Knowing the needs of this region and the barriers to success that women face every day, we are committed to providing a conference for women in our region at an affordable price.

Registration is $52 per person, which includes complimentary parking.  Our goal is to add information, resources, networking and mentoring within the MetroWest region that increases the opportunities available to women. We believe there is plenty of room in this space for more chances such as these, chances to re-ignite, re-evaluate, and respond.   

Our goal is to bring together the MetroWest community of women during an annual full-day conference. 


Jen Headshot.jpg

Jen maseda

President & CEO,  Jen is also  the Executive Producer of a local cable show, Woman2Woman Today.

Mal Duane Headshot

Mal Duane

Director, Mal is also CEO of Live Smart-Love Smart & Metrowest Homes. 

Marie Headshot

marie Paturzo

Director, Marie is also a Financial Adviser for Merrill Lynch.

Kelley French 2.jpg

Kelley French

Director, Kelley is also the Director of PSW Youth Careers at Partnerships For A Skilled Workforce, Inc.


Carly Baker

Director, Carly is also a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.

Ashley (2).jpg

Ashley Newhall

Director, Ashley is also the Assistant Store Manager at American Girl.


Wade Blackman

Director, Wade is also District Counsel for the Office of Congresswoman Katherine Clark.

Bonnie Headshot

Bonnie biocchi

Vice President, Bonnie is also on the Board of  Directors for She's Local, Inc.



Director, Allison is also Co-Founder of Wolf Dog Marketing and is on the Board of Directors for She's Local, Inc.


Susan Petroni

Executive Committee, Susan is also the Owner of Petroni Media Company and Publisher/Editor of Framingham Source.

Paulina Ramirez Headshot.jpg

Paulina Ramirez-Williams

Director, Paulina is also the President of Diosa Dance Yoga Health, Inc.


Janet Leombruno

Director, Janet is also a Framingham Housing Authority Commissioner and a Framingham Charter Commissioner.

RachaelR Headshot

Rachael Rubin

Director, Rachael is also the Owner and Founder of Beauty PaRLR and RLR Studios.


Nichol Figueiredo

Director, Nichol is also the Public Information Officer for the Town of Framingham.


Beth reynolds

Clerk, Beth is also the Economic Development Director for the Town of Ashland.



Director, Jen is also Co-Founder of Wolf Dog Marketing and is on the Board of Directors for She's Local, Inc.

Deb Headshot

Debra Sayre

Executive Committee, Deb is also the Executive Director of Kids Connect, Inc. and runs the Natick Farmers Market.

Michelle Headshot

Michelle Mercier

Director, Michelle is also the Owner of Create Honesty.

Yolanda Greaves Headshot.jpg

Yolanda Greaves

Director, Yolanda is also Operations Manager at Empowering Systems, Inc. and on the Board of Selectman in Ashland.


Shannon GiordanO

Director & Communications Committee Chair, Shannon is also a Social Media Strategist at Serendipity Social Media, Inc.

Stephanie Headshot

Stephanie kenney

Treasurer,  Stephanie is also the Community Relations Manager for BOSE Corp.

Wendy Headshot

Wendy esche

Executive Committee, Wendy is also on the Board of Directors for She's Local, Inc.

Sylvia Ruiz Headshot.JPG

Sylvia Ruiz

Director, Sylvia is also Co-Owner of Ruiz Transportation Services, LLC.

Drita Headshot

Drita Protopapa

Director, Drita is also President & CEO of MAPA Translations & Language Solutions.

Alex Headshot

Alex Carleton

Director, Alex is also the President of Acumentri Business Leadership.


Rachael durant

Director, Rachael is also the Communications Associate at Dewey Square Group.